ERI qlife

Cloud system for monitoring Health & Aging

What is the main indicator of Aging ?

There are various theories describing aging and cause of diseases. Most of them are purely biological. However, the root cause of aging seems to be rather thermodynamic. The aging process is a continuous, consecutive change of the state of the biological system caused by the general tendency of ENTROPY (chaos) to increase. All biological, morphological and structural changes occur as a consequence of the Entropy rise. Entropy is one of the most important concepts in physics and in information theory. Informally, entropy is a measure of the amount of a disorder in a physical or biological system. It is manifested by the degree of molecular, atomic and ionic disturbance or chaos. The rate of aging and maturation is clearly related to the rate of entropy production of the whole system. A lower rate of entropy production allows the body to live longer and healthier. Today, we can monitor and regulate the whole process in human body.

ERI qlife is one of the first cloud systems to measure and correct entropy in biological systems using artificial intelligence.

ERI qlife is programmed to restore the optimal level of coherency (the main entropy indicator) of a huge number of processes in the body including Autophagy, Apoptosis and other intra- and extra- cellular regulations of vital processes related to aging and diseases. ERI qlife offers a unique tool for monitoring, correction and slow down aging process, onset of diseases at different biological hierarchy of the body (systems-organs-extracellular matrix-cells-proteins-molecules-inorganic substances-electrically charged particles).„Tapping" the Entropy of living systems opens a novel tool for maintaining homeostasis, postponing onset of diseases and slowing aging.

ERI qlife is a universal system consist of Software situated in the Cloud and ultra sensitive sensor/antenna in a personal computer. It has been designed for use in health centers as well as by private persons. It is a highly sensitive, new generation biofeedback system, Improving health and quality of life. ERI provides real-time definition, differentiation, and categorization of multiple processes from cellular-molecular to organ systems to whole body.

ERI qlife cloud is a modern way for prevention, monitoring of health and prolonging high quality of life. System enables telehealth monitoring over the distance which provides countless benefits for health management in older people. The technology is certified according EU standars and is available for practical usage immediately.

ERI uses the method of spectral-dynamic compensatory adjustment, a new scientific breakthrough in physics. This method helps to harmonize vital processes and possibly reverse the course of illness and slow down aging.

ERI qlife provides:

Monitoring of aging related proceses and optimizing them
Analysis of symptomatic pathologies and their treatments.
Evaluation of latent diseases and prevention of their manifestations.
Evaluation of the risk factors and functional disorders of various origins with the purpose of their prevention.
Prolonging lifespan.
Time saving tool in preventive medicine.

With this personal digital assistent you will have your health & aging under control !